We offer great retail properties in central Stavanger. Contact us if you need a good sales window for your shop.

  • Hospitalgaten 6

    Outstanding property in the city Our most recent object is a beautiful multi purpose building located next to the main Cathedral in Stavanger and other shopping areas....

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  • Tasta Brygge

    Large office complex by the water Tasta Brygge offers an ideal location for businesses in need of space and flexibility. The office complex is 7400 sqm. over three...

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  • Næringslivets Hus (the House of Commerce)

    Outstanding building in the heart of Stavanger The House of Commerce is an institution in Stavanger with the iconic location. While it is next to the landmark hotel...

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  • Strandkaien 36-38

    Central office location In Stavanger by Vågen the office building Nedre Strandgate 33 is located. There are multiple office solutions in the building. While it is ideal...

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  • Kirkegata 29

    Central location in Kirkegata The beautiful building is at one of the main shopping streets in Stavanger. While giving the chance for any exclusive shop to display their...

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  • Skagen 7

    Old building centrally located Skagen is one of Stavanger’s oldest and most central streets. Deli de Luca is presently located in number 7. Skagen is a popular and...

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  • Skagenkaien 33

    Old Merchants House The old house was converted into a restaurant when during the renovation in 2017. It contains five floors with a restaurant, bar and area for private...

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  • Østervåg 6

    Old townhouse with fine details The house is currently undergoing renovation and is perfect for a shop, cafe etc. Situated on the corner of Østervåg and Søregata it...

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  • Søregata 30

    Old town house in the city center The house is situated in the city center of Stavanger. With multiple tenants in the building we have a vibrant environment. One office...

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  • Nygata 2

    Shop located in the city center This stunning property from the 1850’s were last renovated in 2012. The building has two floors for spacious display of luxury...

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  • Østervåg 30-32

    Multi-purpose building in pedestrian area This well maintained property from 1861 is on the corner of Østervåg and Breigata. There is a cozy cafe on the ground floor,...

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  • Verksgaten 24-26

    Newly renovated multi-purpose building The old property is situated close to the booming east, the city center and the ferries connecting Stavanger with the fjords....

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  • Skagenkaien 35-37

    Dynamic office space The Skagenkaien complex is on the water front next to the Victoria Hotel, Skagen Brygge Hotel and Tollboden. It’s a dynamic office space...

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  • Øvre Holmegate 1

    Multistory building near the waterfront Well kept, classic waterfront building with two shops and three floors with office space. The building has a nice view of the...

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  • Søregata 9

    Prime location near the main square The building is situated at the Arneageren Square next to the Sølvberget Cultural Centre and the Stavanger Cinema. The spacious...

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  • Østervåg 5

    Refurbished building in the city centre The cozy shopping street Østervåg reaches from Klubbgata to Nedre Holmegate. The street houses many of Stavanger’s best...

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  • Nordbøgata 9A

    Office Club in central Stavanger The Office Club named ”Huset på Holmen” (The House on the Islet) was established in the autumn of 2014 after an extensive...

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  • Nygata 3

    The building in the niche area Nygata is a pleasant shopping street in Stavanger with exciting niche shops. The building situated near the top of the street and has...

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  • Skagenkaien 3

    Central building near the harbor Skagenkaien 3 is located in the city harbor “Vågen” near the main square of the city. These beautiful old waterfront houses...

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Retail Stavanger is a joint venture by several real estate owners in Stavanger city centre. This is a good place to start if you are looking for available premises in town.


Skagenkaien 35-57, 4006 Stavanger


CEO Anne Langeland Espedal

Telephone +47 976 52 884

E-mail: anne@espedal.as


Property Manager Anne Kristine Waage

Telephone +47 928 39 725

E-mail: akw@retailstavanger.no